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Real volume modeling is here! - Symvol™ for Rhino - Maker Version 1.0.5 BETA

Symvol™ for Rhino - Maker Version is a new plugin for Rhinoceros® and an introductory tool to volume based 3D design and modeling offering users the ability to model complex volumes including organic, mechanical and everything in-between. In addition to a host of other features, Symvol is specifically targeted for 3D printing and directly produces slice data without the need for "lossy" formats like STL, allowing for the creation of complex objects at high resolution. Symvol volumes are always watertight and exact (Symvol is not built on surfaces, meshes or voxels).


This is our free entry-level version for non-commercial use and suitable for the 3D printing DIY/maker community.



You can find more information about Symvol™ for Rhino - Maker Version BETA at uformia.com/index.php/symvol-maker and the Symvol platform at uformia.com/index.php/products/6-products/81-showcase.


Please feel free to participate in the further development of Maker and/or provide us with feedback and comments at support.uformiaworld.com/projects/sfr-maker.

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