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Resident taxpayers with other changes should refer to the full Form 140X instructions. Form Number: 140X. Category: Individual See the Arizona tax form instructions for direct deposit. Note: Direct deposit cannot be made to a foreign account. Instead, a refund will be issued in the form You can find your Arizona adjusted gross income on line 16 of Arizona Form 140. NOTE: Even if you are not required to file, you must stillfile a return to get aIf you are sending a payment with this return, mail to Arizona Department of Revenue, PO Box 52016, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2016. Include the payment with Form 140. Arizona Tax Booklet X contains all tax forms and instructions. Taxpayers filing Arizona Form 140, 140NR, or 140PY with small business income reported. Phoenix, AZ 85072-2016. Include the payment with Form 140X. Make check payable to Arizona Department of Revenue; write your SSN, Form 140X. Arizona return and the Legislature does not adopt the 2016 federal changes, 2016 Resident Personal Income Tax Return. 140. For information or help, Form 140X (2016). Page 1 of 3. Check a box to indicate both filing and residency status: 4 □ Married filing joint return.

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